Web Links

Student web sites

Games and resources:
Get those "I Wonder" questions answered.
Fact Monster
Alien Angles! (Thanks Mr. McKinzie)
U.S. State & Capital Map
U.S. map puzzle
MPS Flight Center
Urgent Evoke
Student Videos
Ticket to Read *WARNING - Pay to use site*
Cool Math
I Know That!
How Stuff Works
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Find a planet!
World Wide Telescope
National Oceanographic and Atmosphere Administration (the Feds)
Basic Land Forms
that quiz (Math facts practice)
Khan Academy (Ten minute math videos to get that math help you need!)
Science Friday
Bill Nye, the Science Guy
Science Daily

Sites to view videos or web cams:
Studentnews Daily news for students, 10 min long
Yosemite Nature Notes
Powers of 10
Space.com See pictures from Hubble and other telescopes.
Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror
Voyager synopsis
Discovery Network
National Geographic

Teacher resources:
Can't use You Tube? Use Teacher Tube!
Superteacher worksheets (1 - 5)
SuperKids software review, worksheets are also available
Famous Quotes
Education World
National Parks Conservation Association
National Library of Visual Manipulatives
Factmonster Scavenger Hunt (Great for computer lab days.)

Harcourt/Holt Reading Resources:
6th Grade Holt supplements
5th Grade Harcourt supplements
More 5th Grade Harcourt supplements
4th Grade Harcourt supplements
3d Grade SmartBoard Harcourt Reading activities (Thank you Jodi :) )

Other Reading/Language Arts Resources:
Florida Center for Reading
Reading Strategies to Improve Your Students Reading
National Council of Teachers of English (Thanks Lynne)
Reading Resources - Vocabulary Activities (Thanks Lynne)
International Reading Association (Thanks Lynne)
Poetic Devices (Thanks Lynne)
5th Grade Poetry Assignment
Author Jan Brett (Thanks Lynne)
Fractured Fairy Tales with Jon Scieszka (Thanks Lynne)
Propaganda Lesson Plans (Power Point & others) (Thanks Lynne)
Pictures & Slogans Lesson Plan (Thanks Lynne)
Foreshadowing (Thanks Lynne)
Thinkfinity (Thanks Lynne)
Witch of Blackbird Pond Lesson Plan (Thanks Lynne)
Cloze Worksheet creator
Technology Connected Lesson Plans (SmartBoard lessons included)
Linking Verbs
Helping Verbs
Christmas Lessons/worksheets
Santa & Coke
Read All About It! (Thanks Lynne)
Thinking Maps examples
Thinking Maps The people who created and are selling them. They have some great examples.
For younger kids: Starfall - reading help

Multiplication Practice (Hidden Picture)
Math Worksheet Creator (FREE!)
Math Worksheet Creator (Partially Free :| )
Online Math/Geography/Science/Vocabulary Testing
Math help in 10 Minute Videos - *Videos were on YouTube*
Math worksheets (Thanks Mr. McKinzie)
Homework Help
Scott Foresman
(Other) Science Websites:
Programming web sites for kids (helps the young programmers)
Project Noah Explore and document wildlife
Leafsnap Electronic field guide to plants
World Wide Telescope
International Society for Technology in Education (Thanks Lynne)

TED, Ideas worth spreading
ASCD: formely the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Education Northwest (Thanks Lynne)
Bright Hub, Tone & Mood Lesson (Thanks Lynne)
SEDL: Advancing Research in Education (Thanks Lynne)
The Educator's PLN (Thanks Lynne)
Project Based Learning (Thanks Lynne)

Arizona Department of Education links:
Arizona State Assessments
Arizona State Math Standards
AIMS Writing Samples

U.S. Standards (being discussed):
Common Core Standards
PBS Learning Media - linked to the Common Core Standards

Current U.S. Policy:
A Blueprint for Reform

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